SMILE Club sponsored by Rae of Sunshine Foundation Inc. (KY)   Mission:  Promote acts of kindness & positivity   Vision: Bring awareness to the importance of each individual’s social & emotional health   Beliefs: A SMILE can change someone’s story    A SMILE can make a positive change   A  SMILE can illuminate a room    A SMILE can encourage leadership   A SMILE can radiate energy  General Expectations:  Membership Guidelines: ●	Ideal members are those students who do not normally seek out leadership opportunities, but have shown potential and are sometimes overlooked.  (However, the sponsor of each club is welcome to determine what it  believes is best for its school needs.  Each sponsor will ensure that each member and the club supports the beliefs and activities.) ●	Selection includes both teacher recommendations based on the above guidelines and student interview.  ●	Membership Fee: Optional but should not hinder participation  Membership Participation:   ●	Monthly Meetings  ●	Monthly Activities  ●	Community Service Project ●	Fundraiser  ●	SMILE Day on January 8th ●	Retreat for planning & leadership training & team bonding  ●	New Student Support      Funding:    ●	Startup Support from Rae of Sunshine ●	T-shirt for members  ●	Ideas for potential funds